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Results June 2003 – Quincy, IL

Total Show Entries – nearly 100			Total Race Entries – 88
Entries by State – 15 states participating
					Best Appearing
Best of Show 				Gary White – Marion, IL
Vince Hughes- Oceanside, CA	 	1968 Margay New Breed Dual	
1959 Bug Custom				Twin West Bend 820 Engines
Clinton A-490 Engine			Margay Gearbox #103
Most Original Kart 			Most Original Rear Engine Kart
Junior Neal – Greenville, SC		John Wall – Nashville, IL
1961 Hoffco Hurricane Dual		1960 Homelite Spitfire Dual
Twin West Bend 700 Engines 		Twin Homelite K-82 Engines
Best Appearing Sidewinder		Best of Show Enduro
Gary White – Marion, IL			Max Torque Ltd., - Naperville, IL
1972 Margay Cheetah			1967 Bianchi Dual
Komet K78 Engine			Twin West Bend 820 Engines

People’s Choice Award			Fast Time
Dave Romaine – Glen Ellyn, IL		31.123	
1967 Margay New Breed Dual		Terry Traeder – Quincy, IL	 
Twin West Bend 820 Engines		Margay Cheetah	
Margay Gearbox 				Dual B-Bombs	
Race Results

Single Engine Sidewinder 6.1 cu. In	Single Engine Rear 6.1 cu. In.
Joe Deckert	New Berlin, WI		Bobby Lee	Monticello, IN
Lyle Caswell	Vicksburg, MI		Junior Neal	Greenville, SC
Jamie White	Marion, IL		Pete Williams	Dysart, IA
Paul Booth	Beardstown, IL		Clay Fisher	Saline, KS
Ron Brookman	Schoolcraft, MI		Jim Wilson

Single Engine Sidewinder >6.1 Cu In	Single Engine Rear > 6.1 Cu. In.
Bobby Lee	Monticello, IN		Terry Ives	Citrus Heights, CA
Steve Bonbright	Vineburg, CA		Will Farmer	Ashland, VA
Randy Sordelet	Ft. Wayne, IN		Ann Sordelet	Ft. Wayne, IN
Faye Pierson	Azusa, CA		Tom Smith	Corte Madera, CA
Mona Sturgeon	Madera, CA

Dual Engine American Engines		Dual Engine Foreign Engines
Terry Ives	Citrus Heights, CA	Terry Traeder	Quincy, IL
Dave Bonbright	Vineburg, CA		Bert Power	Mexico, MO
Tom Smith	Corte Madera, CA	David White	Marion, IL
Dan Erickson	Westminster, CA		Jeff May	Hagerstown, MD
Louie Figone	Half Moon Bay, CA 		

Juniors Under 16 Years
David Bonbright		Vineburg, CA
Miss Darcy White	Marion, IL
Nate Thompson		Lindenhurst, IL
Chad Collins		Gaithersburg, MD