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Here are some links to photos and articles on the web:

2005 On Track and other Photos - Courtesy of Keith Freber at Margay . Click here for a slideshow or for a full page layout of thumbnails click here.  If you have problems viewing Keith's album please email me.

More 2005 photos - Courtesy of George Sellon.  This collection is also www.kodakgallery.com, which seems to be a pretty cool way to share photos.  Click here for the slideshow or here for a page full of thumbnails.  Again, if you have any problems viewing please  send me an email.

VintageKarts.com has some pictures as well on their site from 2005.

Pictures from 2004 - courtesy of Bert Powers.

Fox Valley Kart - Article by John Copeland,photos by John and Larry Mudd

Show Photos - 2003 Photos of karts at Quincy Civic Center by Larry Mudd

Race, Show, & Pit Pics - by Gary White

Track and Show Pics 2003 - Courtesy of Jim Wilson (I have resized the photos so hopefully they are still clear but not too big for downloading)

If you have some pics and would like to add them or a link to the site let us know!