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Pit Boy (Frank) handing out some of his secret tire treatment.

The Godfather relaxing in his pits.

The Godmother? announcing the race with all the fans in stands.

A basic shot of the track. Hey! I'm not a professional with this camera okay!

Ron Smith, the man who started it all at Shimek. I always heard great things about Ron. Rest in Peace Ron.

Behind every great man is a great woman. In this case it's Marsha Smith at the Pit Shack.

Even though not from Quincy,... part of the Quincy Gang. Racin' Jason Crane.

Pit Boy's not so favorite son Joe on the track.

The head flagman, Mike Wittler, in the flag stand. There is a reason Mike didn't get a close up (for his own safety),... he's on driver's hit lists!

Holy $#@! batman, there's lots a trailers, drivers, and karts doing this dirt karting thing isn't there?

Pit Boy and not so favorite son Joe, with some help from some of the Godfather's family.