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There are many great places in Quincy to eat.  There is a bigger selection at www.seequincy.com .  If you visit any of the following places,... tell them quincykarting.com sent you!  They'll probably just give you a funny look and go "huh?"... but hey, it's worth just to see the look on their face!   Some of the places I, or my family, recommend are:

For Pizza and/or Mexican:

The Tower of Pizza - 2701 Broadway - 217-224-6030 - Pizza, Mexican, and good appetizers - Probably our favorite Pizza spot... for any of your favorite toppings.  If you're in town on Mondays and Tuesdays, it gets better... half price pizza!  Here is The Tower's Menu.

Gem City Pizzeria and Mexican - 1801 State - 217-228-0550.  We usually do both Pizza and Mexican.  Chips and Salsa along with the "Jeff Special" pizza.  Click here for more Gem City menu items.

El Rancherito - 307 North 36th - 217-228-2182 - located behind Wendy's and Blockbuster in the Q-Center.  Great Mexican food and fast service!  It's a nice sit down restaurant and no kidding,... you don't have to wait very long for your order.

Family Dining, Restaurants with Bars

Kelly’s - 2902 Broadway - 217-222-5579 - A great bar and restaurant.  Our family usually goes for the soup and salad bar.  Try the cheese soup and their cinnamon rolls!  Here is Kelly's Menu.

The Abbey - 1736 Spring - 217-228-8868 - Just off of 18th and Broadway.  In my opinion THE BEST appetizers in town! (or as they call them "Abbeytizers".  Try the "Bloomin' Onion", Layered Dip, and some GREAT Wings.  Great center of the plate selections too.  Click here for their menu.  Honestly, unless I'm in the mood for pizza or Mexican instead, The Abbey is probably my favorite place in town to eat.

Kriegers - 3360 Quincy Mall - 217-228-8811 - When your spouse wants to go shop, let them shop while you park it at Kriegers in the Quincy Mall for some great food and about 30 TV's.  What else would you expect from a Sports Bar?

Applebee's - 3827 Broadway - 217-228-8451 - No it's not unique to Quincy... but it's still good!

Ruby Tuesday's - 3601 Broadway - 217-228-1369 - Again, not unique to Quincy,... but still a good choice!

For some Finer Dining

Tiramisu Italian Restaurant - 137 North 3rd - 217-222-9560 - Great Italian Food,... What else can I say?

Tony’s Old Place Restaurant - 810 Hampshire - 217-224-4800 - My better half loves the stuffed mushrooms.

The Pier Restaurant - 401 Bayview Drive - 217-221-0020 - Great View of the River while you eat.  Just under the bridges on the Mississippi River.

Neighborhood Bars/Pubs with great food.

O'Griffs - 415 Hampshire - 217-224-2002 - Great Bar, food, and Brewhouse downtown Quincy.  Big Variety of Beer Selection.

Mr. Bills - 538 South 12th - 217-222-0799 - Another great neighborhood pub/grill with Quincy Flavor!

Hooey's - 633 North 12th - 217-223-9906  - Best Taco Salad in town.  The rest of their Mexican menu is pretty good too.

Barney's - 1708 Broadway - 217-222-9908 - Another great choice.

The Scoreboard - 234 South 8th - 217-223-8511 - Best Cheeseburgers in town!