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Below are 3 helmet cam videos shot of The Park.  Huge thanks to Jason Birdsell (the driver), Mark Weaverling (the director, producer, tech, video coordinator, ... um,... whatever his title is,... he was responsible for the video!), and Keith Freber of Margay, who made the videos available to me.

If you left click a link below it should start your default viewer.  If you wish to download the video just right click the links below and do a "Save Target As".  You should be able to view the video with any standard .avi viewer like Windows Media Player or RealPlayer.  You will need the "VCR2" codec in order to view the video though.  You can google or yahoo for "VCR2 codec".  Just make sure you trust the source when downloading any software as usual though.  Here is the zip file that worked for me the VCR2 codec.

Quincy Park Video 1 - 3.8MB - Helmet cam from Jason Birdsell in a 2-cycle kart

Quincy Park Video 2 - 3.3MB - Another 2-cycle video

Quincy Park Video 3 - 3.3MB - Jason Birdsell in a 4-cycle kart




Click on the links below to go to a video page for streaming video.  I've squeezed the file size down and still experimenting with the final delivery so hopefully it's getting close.  This doesn't work for all browsers but should for MS Internet Explorer.  These file are 1-2 megabytes each so if you have a slow connection,... you are warned!


Video #1 Video #2 Briggs Video