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The Grand Prix of Karting took place in one of Quincy's many beautiful parks.  South Park is a135 acre park that offers something for almost anyone on any given day.  For the Grand Prix of Karting weekend, the first weekend of June, it offered one of the most beautiful, most challenging, and most fan friendly karting events there ever was.   For the people of Quincy and other race fans, it marked the beginning of summer and what a fantastic way to begin a summer!  Gus Traeder, who ran this event for 32 years, picked an absolute fantastic spot to hold a race recognized as one of the premiere karting events around the world.  As Keith Freber of Margay put in once, "I have been to karting events all over the world and absolutely none top The Park.  I have always enjoyed the town and event immensely."

The karting course itself took place on the road on the outer edge of the park.  Many people always considered it to be a mile course but if you get picky about it, the Quincy Park District has it posted to be exactly 1.13 miles, for those walkers and runners who utilize the park for this activity.

How would you like a shaded pit area instead of baking in the sun in a hot driver's suit?  Plenty of trees and nice breeze almost made you think you were out for Sunday drive.  Well actually you were out on Sundays many times but it was anything but a casual drive.  How would you, your pit crew, and any of the thousands of fans attended like to sit under a shade tree to watch one of the races?  Yes, you had that too.  If anybody wanted to work on their tan, enjoy the sun and sip on a favorite beverage of choice, you had that as an option too.

You not only raced other drivers, but you raced the course itself too.  The track demanded respect as it offered elevation changes, curbs, stone walls, manholes and trees in close proximity.  Thousands of straw bales were used all over the course for safety purposes.  The racing action photos here are courtesy of Todd Bolton Racing.  Be sure to catch some of the helmet cam video Jason Birdsell during practice of the Park.  The video is courtesy of Mark Weaverling.

To give a better idea of the layout here are two more photos.  One is taken from the entry form papers from one of the later years of the race.  It is not exactly quite to scale but from the aerial photo included I would think you would consider it close enough.  It at the very least gave you an idea of the number of turns and length of the straight-aways.  To say The Park was a high speed track, might have been an understatement.  It was definitely one of the most beautiful and challenging races that ever took place in the world of karting.