Driver Profiles
Quincy Karting Driver Profile:
Date of Birth: 6/8/76
Age Began Racing: 19
Sponsor(s): Lusage Solutions and Fastlane Grafix
Pit Crew: Jeff Liesen
Email: craigl_8@hotmail.com
Class(es) Raced: Sportsman
Chassis: Margay Brava 4
Engine Builder(s): Rich Grove
Favorite Driver: Dale Earnhardt, Jr.
Accomplishments: I have mostly raced in the TNT points series and have finished in the top 5 three times with very close competition.  I have also raced street races in Macomb, Carthage, Ft. Madison, and Quincy in which I have finished in the top ten numerous times in the Quincy races.  I have also finished in the top five in Carthage and Ft. Madison races several times.
Favorite Racing Memory: I am proud of the minor accomplishments that I have in the street races.  These were what racing is all about!  Street racing was the most exciting and competitive go-kart racing that I've been involved in.  I also enjoy spending time with my family on and off the track.
Other Hobbies: All sporting events and spending time with family and friends!
Favorite Quote: Use M' or Lose M'