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If you have any problems or feedback in regards to this website please contact me .  I can probably answer a few questions about local karting as well depending on their nature.  I usually respond quicker to my work email .

Please note that I am not employed or affiliated with TNT Golf Car, TNT Speed & Sport, or by Terry or Gus Traeder. I'm just a local karting driver who put together this website to help promote local karting. I apologize upfront for any lateness in updating the site but hey, from normal work hours, family time, and squeezing in a little racing time,... there's not always a lot left! Thanks for understanding.  Thank you.  Bill

If you have any questions about the Vintage Kart Olympics or specific questions about local karting, please contact Terry Traeder at 217-228-2226 or through his website www.tntgolfcar.com .