Driver Profiles
Quincy Karting Driver Profile:
Hometown: Quincy, IL
Date of Birth: 6/30/88
Age Began Racing: 13
Kart Number: 88
Pit Crew: Donnie Owsley, Mike West, Bobby Orr
Email: broncos_are_the_best@hotmail.com
Class(es) Raced: Super Junior 2, Briggs 5hp
Chassis: Margay Brava 2
Engine Builder(s): Stanley "Steamer" Long
Favorite Driver: Dale Jarrett the #88 UPS Ford car
Accomplishments: To start racing, win at least one race, and take top 3 in points the first year I did.
Favorite Racing Memory: When I won the championship my very first year racing.
Other Hobbies: Bowling, Hunting, and Archery
Favorite Quote: "Catch me if you can"